All Human-Made
Mosaic Art

A Journey of Co-creation,
Monetization, and Celebration

A total of 309 contributors have submitted their "All human-made" selfies to participate in the co-creative journey!

Balancing AI Advancements with Human Creativity and Ingenuity

The rise of AI highlights the importance of transparency for digital assets, but without proper measures in place, it could be a double-edged sword for the creator economy. Recognition of the source of creative content is challenging, leading to confusion over attribution, ownership, and value. Ownership and authorship of AI-created artwork may become disputed, and it needs to be clarified whether credit for authorship should go to the AI or the human who programmed it. A verification process for digital content is necessary to bring transparency and clarity to the creative community. 

To address these challenges, Numbers Protocol works with artist Charis Tsevis to initiate the All-human Made Mosaic Art Campaign as a POC to demonstrate the importance of transparency for the future of creativity. The campaign aims to inspire a diverse audience to participate in the co-creation process, celebrating the unique creativity and authenticity that comes from human beings. By celebrating our human capacity for creativity, we hope to inspire all creators and users to explore the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.

What will happen during the co-create journey?

In this campaign, we’ll take you through a journey of creation, monetization, and celebration.

Phase 1:  Co-create with us
to start the journey

Phase 2: Witness the journey
with Charis Tsevis

Artist Charis Tsevis will leverage the image submitted in phase 1 and make it into a semi-completed Mosaic artwork, a footprint of the half-journey! 

The semi-completed mosaic artwork will be printed as T-shirt with a QRcode, the QRcode will navigate to the final artwork NFT art.

Phase 3: Make the journey
longer and better

Join us at SXSW 2023! 

During the event in Austin, we will be collecting on-site selfies and selling T-shirts printed with the semi-completed mosaic artwork. 

All co-creators who contribute their all-human-made selfie can share in the revenue from the sale of the T-shirts and NFTs.

Phase 4: The campaign might end,
but the journey won’t

After the SXSW event, Charis Tsevis will complete the mosaic artwork using all co-creators' selfies as materials, and the Numbers Team will mint it into an NFT and airdrop it to the person who purchased the T-shirt. 

Co-creators who would like to collect the final NFT can purchase it at a discounted price.

Co-create to
Share the Revenue!

Moving through each phase, each of you is a part of the final artwork, and is “us” that co-creates the marvelous journey. By bringing together diverse voices and perspectives, “we” have created something that is truly unique, inspiring, and reflective of the human experience. 

Who’s with us along the Journey?

Charis Tsevis 

Charis Tsevis, a Greek visual designer based in Paphos, Cyprus Island, is a highly sought-after artist in the industry. He holds a Diploma in Graphic Design from the Akademie für das Grafische Gewerbe, München and a Master in Visual Design from the Scuola Politecnica di Design, Milano. Charis manages a studio on Paphos, serving clients worldwide, including well-known companies like Nike, Google, and IKEA, as well as top advertising agencies and media outlets.

Aside from his design work, Charis is also a respected educator, serving as a visiting professor of Editorial Design and Typography at the AKTO College in Athens since 1996. He has presented seminars at the Panteion University of Athens and given lectures at numerous national and international conferences and symposiums. He has also authored several articles on design theory, aesthetics, and the history of computing for various prestigious art and IT magazines in Greece, as well as two books on Adobe Photoshop.

Charis' impressive body of work has earned him multiple awards, including recognition in the ED Awards (Europe), Epica Awards (Europe), NPSA (USA), Behance (USA), and EBGE (Greece), among others. He has also been named four times in a row as one of the 200 World's Best Illustrators by Lürzer's Archive. His art has been featured in numerous books, magazines, and websites, and has been showcased in exhibitions across the globe, including Athens, Barcelona, and San Jose.

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